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Ranking high in search engines, like Google and Bing, is critical for your business. The majority of customers who are searching for your services and offerings are finding them through search results but may be clicking over to your competitors instead.

A website that is highly optimized to show up at the top of page 1 of the search engine results pages (SERPs) will outperform the competition and generate more clicks. This is why SEO is an important investment when it comes to business websites. The higher your rank, the more traffic your website generates and the more leads you will receive.

I rely on tried and true white hat SEO techniques that are proven to move your website to the top of page 1 of Google and Bing. While optimizing your website with keywords (or keyphrases) is important and necessary, there are many other factors that a website must take into account in order to rank high. Some of these factors include well-written content, supporting graphics and images, optimized titles and meta descriptions, page speed and a host of other important factors.

SEO Case Studies

The SEO projects I have worked on over the years encompass many industries including: new home construction, restaurants, general contractors, hair salons and firearms dealers. Each SEO project is as unique as the previous and there are no cookie cutter processes to ensure high rankings. Below are a couple of examples of my SEO work.

Dual Defense Firearms
I have a great case study I have created over at Balefire which demonstrates how Dual Defense Firearms quickly rose to the top of Google and Bing after I performed a series of SEO tasks on the website. Read the full SEO case study.

Rituals Hair Salon
Shortly after designing and launching the website for Rituals, I went back and focused a great deal of attention on SEO to gain more traction in the SERPs. After a discussion with the owner, it became clear that one of their biggest services was hair extensions. To increase rankings for the website, I generated a great deal of content that focused on hair extensions at their salon. After a few short weeks, the website began showing on page 1 of Google and is now consistently ranking #1 for search terms like “Wichita hair extensions” and “Wichita great lengths” (click each term to see results on Google).

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